Everything we do at Win-Tech is focused on one objective:

To deliver an integrated solution and top quality product, on time and on budget. Our goal is for you to view us as YOUR machining department, allowing us to partner with you and provide your custom precision machining needs.

We are experienced, accessible, and accurate. Our seasoned project management team has extensive experience in the automotive and aerospace machining industry. Our team leaders are always available to discuss your machining needs, listen to your concerns, or give you a status report. We realize you are looking for more than just machining, you’re looking for someone who will respond and support your projects.

Our integrated approach allows us to provide customers with completed kits and assemblies and for us to seamlessly interface with your business. We use JobBOSS software, which enables our managers to track and control the entire process from start to finish.

We stayed ahead of the curve in 2010 by complying to AS9100 Rev C more than a year early and followed suit in 2017 by earning certification to the Rev D standard.  In 2017, we added machines and capabilities and evolved an ethics program with the assistance of a Lockheed Martin Supplier Mentorship Program.

As of January 2015, WIn-Tech is on Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Approval List (QCS001) as approved to process to 401A (STP 55-104 Fusion Welding), and 401D (AWS D17.1 Fusion Welding).  This enables us to be a one-stop shop for many parts and assemblies.


Our specialties include the following procedures:

Secondary Processes:
Milling Assembly IUID Marking
Turning EDM Wire & Sinker Parkerize
Thread Cutting Drilling Black Oxide
Surface Grinding Broaching Heat Treat
O.D. Grinding Jig Grinding Welding (by certified   welders)
I.D. Grinding High Speed Tapping Laser Marking
Water-Jet Machining 5-Axis Capabilities


Win-Tech is a supplier of F22 ground support equipment.  Click here for a listing and sketches of parts we make.  If you require a repaired part, components of, or complete assembly, please email

5HG00101 – Hoist Adapter Set – assembly and components

5HG00102 – Canopy Slings (including new modification) – assembly and components

5HG00103 – Canopy Holding Fixture – assembly and components

5HG00105 – Canopy Strut – assembly and components

5HG00111 – Hoist Adapter Set – assembly and components

5HG00114 – Boarding Ladder – assembly and components

5HG00138 – IAR Fixture – assembly and components

5HG00174 – Hoist Adapter Pad – assembly and components

5HG00175 – Hoist Adapter Clevis – assembly and components

5HG00181 – Vertical Feed Assy – assembly and components

5HG00194 – Canopy Strut Set – assembly and components

5HG00238 – Air Gun Kit – assembly and components

5HG00246 – Adapter Set – assembly and components

5HG00257 – Alignment Bushing – assembly and components

5HG00265 – Vertical Stabilizer Ladder – assembly and components

5HG00267 – Canopy Holding Fixture Adapter – assembly and components

5HG40005 – Removal Adapter Assembly – assembly and components

5HG40011 – Gun Breech Lift Assembly – assembly and components

5HG40015 – Instal/Removal Adapter Assembly – assembly and components

Win-Tech is a proud Certified Parts Provider to Lockheed Martin’s Hologram Program.  Contact us today to learn more.